Giorgio Cantarini grew up, and here he is after 26 years…

The dashing actor Giorgio Cantarini played the memorable role of the boy Giosue in «Life is Beautiful.» For the picture, he even received the Young Artist Award.

He was invited to the Ridley Scott picture «Gladiator» as early as 2000, and a few years later he was admitted to the Experimental Center for Cinematography.

Even though he enjoyed shooting, the man stated that he intended to play football till the age of 18.

After training, the young guy intended to further his acting career, but fate had other intentions.

Cantarini is still on the move. «Lamborghini: Man of Legend» was one of his last films.

During the epidemic, he had to travel to Italy for a spell and even work in a contact center.

But he later went back to his regular job and is still building an incredible career.

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