On her wedding day, her father and daughter performed a dance that astounded the groom… Please see the accompanying video!

Mikayla Ellison, a BYU alumni, is a member of the school’s international folk dance team. She recently married Cody, a BYU student. You’ll quickly find that Mikayla isn’t the only one in her family who adores dancing.

The father and daughter dance begins easily and normally before evolving into an extraordinary ballet, as is sometimes the case at wedding feasts.

In today’s video, Mikayla and her father delightfully surprise us at the wedding with an outstanding dance that will make you smile from ear to ear.

The film was shot by BP Film & Photo in Point Grove, Utah. The dynamic team captivates viewers with their spectacular dancing maneuvers, such as Hammer Time, Carlton, and Dance, in it. In fact, many people regard it as the best father-daughter wedding dance of all time.

Her father also adds that he got the opportunity to treat his daughter like a princess during the prom, which she will never forget.

Here is the video:

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