Despite the artist’s claims that the wolves are present, no one can see them… Can you locate them?

There are wolves here, but only sheep are depicted in the artist’s exhibition painting. Nobody was able to see the wolves, but the author is convinced that if one searches attentively enough, the requisite animal would appear—and not just one, but several.

At first glance, the image does not appear to have much artistic worth. In this incredibly common motif, large gray sheep alternate with little white sheep. Within a few hours, the painting’s image had gone viral. Participants were asked to name those who found wolves by commentators.

Many people were convinced that the picture didn’t really include any wolves, and the artist purposefully included a signature to draw attention to himself.

However, wolves may be seen in the shot. They can be up to six in number, and their only distinguishing feature from sheep is their heads:

The artist inflated the value of his work through deception. They began talking about the canvas, and as a result, they bid higher at the auction than the designer had planned.

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