Does Love Have an Age? Cher Ends Her Relationship With Alexander…

When Cher’s younger lover was revealed to her fans, they anticipated that their relationship would be short-lived. After a six-month love story, they learned of their separation. Nobody knew why, though.

Some assumed Cher’s partner had given her a diamond ring as an engagement proposal, while others claimed they had never had a genuine relationship.

Cher was relatively quiet on social media following their split, leading her supporters to fear she was unable to move on.

They initially met during Paris Fashion Week in September. Despite the fact that Alexander was 40 years her junior, she excused it by saying that love knew no bounds and lauded her lover for being so loving and compassionate.

Despite the criticism, the couple maintained their open dating relationship.

Cher has two sons from her two marriages, whereas Alexander only has a little son from a previous connection with a lady who accused him of cheating.

Cher wasn’t deterred, and she ended up falling in love with him. Unfortunately, their love was cut short.

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