«Thank You, Jesus!» A nurse cries, «Thank You, LORD!» as a crippled patient learns to walk again.

In a viral video that has melted the hearts of the entire Internet, this 17-year-old girl from Denton, Texas, surprised nurses when she stood up and stepped out of her wheelchair.

She’d been paralyzed for 11 days and was told she had a 5% chance of ever walking again. The miracle was captured on film and has since gone viral, followed by her favorite nurse embracing her with unbridled excitement and what appears to be the nicest hug ever.

Bailey Murrill was horseback riding with her father around their house when she landed on her back the wrong way and lost feeling in both of her legs. For the following 11 days, she was paralyzed from the hips down at Dallas’ Zale Lipshy University Hospital. The cause of her ailment was unknown to doctors.

Throughout the tragedy, Bailey retained her deep trust in God. «The entire time I had this attitude, I’d just leave it in his hands and be ready for whatever he decided,» she explained. Bailey and the nurse bonded profoundly in the video because they both believed in God.

On April 11, 2015, Bailey was in physical therapy. She then experienced tingling sensations in her legs. Her physical therapist observed her hamstrings flexing.

Bailey was overjoyed and wanted to surprise her favorite nurse. «She had brought me so much joy at a time when I really needed it,» Bailey said.

Becky Murrill recorded the video, which shows Bailey rolling up in a wheelchair as her favorite nurse approaches her, saying, «I heard Bailey was looking for me.»

The nurse had just spent an hour trapped in the elevator. She had no idea that her entire day was about to change. As Bailey stood silently from her wheelchair, the nurse let out an excited shriek and instantly greeted her in a hug that I could feel! The nurse said, «Thank you, Lord!» while squeezing Bailey like a child does their new toy. Thank you very much, Lord!»

As the nurse tells Bailey that she has been praying for her, you can feel the emotion in the hallway. «I’m overjoyed for you. «I’m overjoyed for you,» the nurse said. «See, I warned you. Simply retain the faith.»

Bailey was discharged from the hospital less than two weeks before her senior prom.

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