To do what she did, you must have a great heart…

In this incredible story, a young girl contributed everything she had to save homeless dogs. In 2014, she established the Golden Heart Rescue Organization, a charity that assists stray dogs.

This is now her entire life’s effort. Each month, volunteers assist up to 200 dogs.

They rove the back streets for days, carrying out their duties and doing everything they can to make their life as nomads as comfortable as possible.

Ning Xi is the female’s name, and she is 24 years old. Despite the fact that many people despise stray dogs, she states that she is always sympathetic to them.

They bite her on occasion, and some dogs’ hair might cause allergies in some people. Ning Xi still cares for them.

Some argue that she is wasting her time because they will all be executed or put to death. Nonetheless, the young lady considers that this is her obligation. She fantasizes about rescuing anyone she can.

Nin argues that the constant stress on her body has caused her to lose both her beauty and her reputation, thus she had to weigh everything against having a place to stay.

Money is also an issue. Unfortunately, Ning summarizes her sacrifice by stating that no one will want to marry her. Her parents’ store is struggling because of the continual presence of dogs. Her parents, on the other hand, are the ones that assist her.

Most people despise her strong love of animals. She is said to favor animals to humans.

Recently, a female met a child on the street and decided to adopt him, giving Ning a tiny gift. She now has a small family and some solace!

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