Adam Sandler mocks Jennifer Aniston’s dating habits and tastes in men…

Jennifer Aniston’s marital status is publicly known. Brad Pitt, who had previously married her, later divorced her in favor of Angelina Jolie.

Following that, the actress found pleasure in Justin Theroux’s arms. The pair arranged a wedding ceremony but never married legally.

And the actors divorced in 2017. Nonetheless, as it became clear later, Justin and Jennifer were able to maintain their connection; they currently talk frequently.

Aniston believes that telling such an intimate life story to her coworker on set, Adam Sandler, was a lot of fun. They worked together on the upcoming film «Murder Mystery 2.»

Jennifer decided to speak up about Adam making fun of her on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

Sandler and Aniston have been pals for a long time, it was learned. Jimmy was naturally interested in the advice that prominent people had given to one another throughout the years.

«What are you doing?!» is the only advice I ever get from him. «And it’s generally based on who I’m dating,» Jennifer recalled, mimicking Adam’s claims.

What’s the matter with you, and what are you doing? Aniston impersonated the performer.

Jennifer also stressed how long their ties had been cordial and pleasant.

Aniston claims that Sandler has always stood out for being a genuinely kind and amiable person.

He frequently neglects to care for himself because he is too busy taking care of everyone else. I enjoy looking after him, so,” the actress said.

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