How many horses do you suppose are in this photograph? Everyone has a different answer… Discover the correct solution right here!

There will always be people who find optical illusions difficult to understand. For some reason, until someone points it out, their eyes simply aren’t able to perceive the minute differences.

With their excellent eyesight, some people can tell the difference almost immediately. Perhaps they simply have better eyes than the rest of us who require a second, third, or even fourth look. These are the people we accuse of witchcraft.

We’ve all seen the illusions that morph an old woman’s face into that of a young woman, the bunny that turns into a duck, and, of course, the 2015 «blue-and-black versus white-and-gold» debate.

However, the most recent illusion to perplex people is one that has been around for a long. In fact, I believe my sister once used the image currently circulating on the internet as a puzzle when she was younger.

Horses are the most common animal that children become enamored with, apparently, because there are so many different breeds and colors that each one is truly amazing and unique.

However, this image of what appears to be a herd of horses really tricks your mind. Once you look, you’ll realize that the animals are hidden in the backdrop and that you have to really focus to notice them. How many horses are there in the picture?

You counted how many? 3? 4? Actually, there are 5 horses in the image!

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