The all-female Lebanese dance group’s absolutely spectacular performance has everyone in awe, and here’s what Simon has to say…

Obviously, it is not about winning.

The judges from America’s Got Talent, a prominent reality talent competition, are always in the front row to witness something spectacular. They get to see spectacular performances and hear motivational testimonies from these athletes firsthand.

When an all-female dancing duo stormed the stage with a fight in their hearts, the four judges in this episode were caught off guard.

The Arabic word for «mayya» means «the haughty walk of a lioness.»

It was a suitable moniker for a dance troupe from Lebanon. In 2019, the group had previously won the prestigious Golden Buzzer on Season 6 of Arab’s Got Talent.

At that point, the stage was completely illuminated in gold, and the lionesses had finally won over everyone’s hearts as well as their eyes.

Watch the act that Simon Cowell from Got Talent deemed the “greatest dance act” he had ever seen.

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