A woman in her 86th year married for the second time. This is her hubby.

Millie Taylor-Morrison, 86, is living proof that love knows no age.

Despite her advanced age, the lady chose to play the bride once again, married for the second time. Her love, Harold Morrison, is one year younger than she is.

Only the closest friends and family attended the wedding.

Everyone at the wedding ceremony and reception was impressed with the bride’s attire, which she designed herself.

As you can see, everything is placed with taste: clothing, make-up, and jewelry.

Millie’s granddaughter posted images from the party on Facebook.

She stated that her grandmother designed her wedding attire, including makeup and hairstyle.

Millie used to work in fashion, so she understands fashion.

The lady lived for 40 years in her first marriage, but she lost her spouse.

Only 24 years later, she chose to marry for the second time.

Millie had known Harold since she was a child. They were wonderful friends who always helped each other out when things were tough.

Millie and Harold were married in Verona, New Jersey.

So, here’s wishing them a long and happy life!

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