Julia Roberts and Danny Moder’s love story was not simple, and the couple had to overcome many obstacles in order to have the family and life they desired. because of Moder’s family, who allegedly disliked Roberts and were hostile to her

Julia Roberts and cinematographer Danny Moder met in 2000 while filming their film «The Mexican.» Roberts played his romantic interest opposite co-star Brad Pitt, while Moder worked behind the scenes as a cameraman.

Both were in personal relationships at the time, with Roberts dating American actor Benjamin Bratt and Moder married to renowned cosmetics artist Vera Steimberg. A year later, Roberts ended his relationship with Bratt, while Moder divorced Steimberg in 2002. Soon after, they were designated as official products.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Roberts made it very clear that the two had taken care to finish the chapters of their romantic relationships with their exes before being together in order to avoid nasty narratives in their love chronology.

Despite their claim that they only fell in love with each other after their previous relationships ended, an ex-close friend, Patricia Hilton, claims that the two fell in love while they were still dating other people. «Danny remarked that there was no fighting what he felt for Julia; he would have moved mountains to be with her,» she said. They needed to be together after they became intimate.»

Their relationship was strained further since, allegedly, Roberts was still in contact with Bratt at the time. At one point, many people predicted that Roberts and Bratt would marry. In June 2001, unable to ignore or conceal her feelings for Moder any longer, Roberts traveled to Montreal, where Bratt was filming his picture «Abandoned.»

According to insiders, while there, Roberts tragically admitted her wish for someone else to Bratt. Hilton went on to say that Roberts made the decision because, while she still loved Bratt, she was no longer in love with him.

After overcoming their challenges with their ex-partners, Roberts and Moder were able to realize their goal and begin a relationship. Danny moved out of his ex-wife’s house and into an apartment with his sister, Jyl Moder.

According to several accounts, the Moder family despised Roberts. Only his late mother, Patricia Ann Watz, appeared to approve and accept their relationship out of his entire family.

Watz’s explanation behind embracing the new couple’s love was based on the thought that life is too short not to live it how one wants to. A cousin of the Moder family stated, «Her view was that life is difficult, and she wasn’t going to stand in judgment of [the relationship].»

On March 22, 2002, photographers photographed Roberts sitting outside the King’s Road Cafe in West Hollywood. The actor from «Sleeping with the Enemy» was wearing a T-shirt with the graphic «A Low Vera.» The T-shirt allegedly made a dig at Moder’s ex-wife because it indicated that his family preferred her for him over Roberts.

According to another close friend, the entire incident, exacerbated by the enigmatic message implanted in the T-shirt, had outraged Moder’s father—film producer Michael Moder, best known for «Beverly Hills Cop» and «Crimson Tide.» It had disturbed him because he liked Steimberg and she had remained close to the rest of the family.

In order to connect with at least some members of the Moder family, Roberts formed a friendship with Moder’s other sister, Jane Moder. She had even visited Jane’s daughter’s second-grade class and interacted with her classmates.

Meanwhile, Steinberg fueled the flames by claiming that Roberts had kidnapped her ex-husband. She also threatened Moder with cheating on her and threatened Roberts with the same.

Stemberg was astonished to learn of Roberts’ marriage to her ex-husband in a New Mexico ceremony, barely a month after her divorce from him was finalized. She felt she would never be able to forgive Roberts for taking Moder away from her. The famous makeup artist cruelly added, «It won’t last with her anyhow. Julia Roberts will be seeking a new spouse within a year. Danny has a roaming eye, and he won’t change.»

Danny’s mother, Watz, died unexpectedly at the age of 59 from a heart attack just minutes before the news of Roberts and Moder’s link broke. As a result of the time and tragedy, many members of Moder’s family blamed Roberts of being the cause of Watz’s death.

They said that Roberts’ involvement in the dissolution of Moder’s previous marriage was too much for Watz to bear and had stressed her to the breaking point. However, a close source defended Roberts and disputed the claims, claiming that Danny’s mother was their lone ally in favor of their relationship.

When it came time to plan the funeral, rumors began to circulate about whether or not Steimberg would appear and, if so, how this would play out with Roberts probably in attendance. An unnamed insider predicted that Steinberg would end up fighting with Roberts because she made it clear that she disliked the actress.

Furthermore, the source claimed Watz’s death affected Moder and placed seeds of doubt in him, claiming: «He is saddened by his mother’s death.» He can’t help but wonder if the publicity surrounding his affair with Julia played a role in this. He is distraught.»

Despite all of the suspicions and accusations, Roberts attended Moder’s funeral in California. She had even hired extra security to keep the Moder family from being swarmed or harassed by the photographers.

Following Watz’s death, Roberts and Moder’s marriage, and the Moder clan’s critical attitude toward Roberts, the couple’s relationship deteriorated. According to some sources, Moder had began to struggle with adjusting to Roberts’ stardom.

It was reported that Roberts herself had coldly advised Moder to cope with it and accept that being in the spotlight continually came with her as a package deal. Additional charges were made concerning Roberts making ridiculous assertions to her spouse about how wonderful of a star she is and how indifferent she was to his troubles.

Tensions had reached an all-time high when Moder’s dad remarried. Reportedly, Roberts was hesitant about going because of the terrible ties she has with several of his family members. Sources reported she attended but was ignored by all of Moder’s sisters except for Jyl, who, sources believe, had approached her.

According to multiple accounts, Roberts and Jyl have long had a bad relationship, with much of the couple’s disagreements centered on Jyl. Apparently, whenever Jyl needed her brother’s help with something, Roberts would get in between the two and prevent Moder from assisting. As a result, Jyl is alleged to have always believed that Roberts had kidnapped her brother.

In the same vein, it’s been alleged that Roberts believed Jyl was the one who leaked certain unfavorable facts about her and Moder’s relationship to the press as retaliation.

After facing the significant and often insurmountable (for some) difficulties they had throughout their union, Roberts and Moder’s love has proven to be enduring.

To make matters worse, Moder’s insistence on maintaining touch with his ex-wife had strained the couple’s bond, which enraged Roberts. According to family friend Brian McNair, «Julia was angry about Vera and wanted her gone.» It was the same fight between her and Danny over and over again.»

According to insiders, Roberts has stated her resolve to not let Steimberg come between her and her spouse. According to sources, the «Notting Hill» actress even suggested that she would be able to give Danny a baby, which Steimberg could not.

Moder and Roberts are celebrating 21 years of marriage this year, and they have three children: Hazel, Phinneas, and Henry. The couple couldn’t be happier with their new loving family life.

During an interview, Roberts spoke about how fantastic their relationships with their children, recounting one story she found particularly amusing.

Moder’s picture was playing at the Cannes picture Festival, and he chose to take their daughter with him. Roberts FaceTimed her daughter while getting dressed, wondering what they were up to, and the two argued about her not wanting to wear eyeliner to the premiere. She emphasized her favorite aspect as her child’s complete innocence.

For Roberts, despite her desire to become an actor has been more than achieved, it was not her sole dream, and she has never been preoccupied with it. When questioned about what her other dream has been, she answered, «The life that I’ve made with my spouse. The life that we’ve made with our children And that’s the nicest stuff, to return home at the end of the day triumphantly to them.»

Such comments were expressed by Roberts when promoting her film «Ticket to Paradise» alongside her longtime friend and fellow Hollywood star, George Clooney. The film was shot on location in Australia, and Roberts had to be away from her family for 62 days, which she described as the longest she’d ever been without from them.

She got by by writing letters to her family, which she said was a common practice for her and her husband. In fact, Roberts stated that she saved his first letter to her, which was seven pages long. The star also mentioned how she and her family enjoyed making breakfast a family occasion, particularly for her and her youngest child.

In another interview with ENews!, Roberts and Clooney reviewed their movie and spoke about their real-life relationships. During the debate, the co-stars were questioned about what they felt the key to a good and enduring marriage was.

When it came time to answer, both were in agreement. Roberts spoke first: «I usually say the same thing, and I’m sticking with it, even if I am repeating myself. It’s making out. Lots of making out.»

For her buddy Clooney, that’s some pretty decent advice too. However, someone who wed comparatively later in life said, «I just kind of have to look at it as if I’m the luckiest human being and then just appreciate that.»

After facing the significant and often insurmountable (for some) difficulties they had throughout their union, Roberts and Moder’s love has proven to be enduring. They got through all of the allegations, assertions, and confrontations and came out on the other side. They are currently in marital and familial bliss with their three children.

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