This is an unforgettable performance of «Riverdance.»

When it comes to the Olympic Games, one of the most popular sports to watch is figure skating.

Figure skating is both a sport and a dance. The athletes are graceful while doing forceful steps in motion.

Jason Brown is one of the more well-known figure skaters. He’s 5’7″ and 145 pounds, and he’s made for this winter activity.

Because of his amazing talent, he is able to keep audiences engaged.

He clearly lives for this. Look at his poise. That is self-assurance!

To think that he is playing not only in front of a live audience, but also in front of millions of people around the world who have tuned in to watch the Olympic Games.

This requires you to be at your best.

The Summer and Winter Games rotate every two years and are held every four years.

Consider how much preparation and practice these athletes put in.

The psychological aspect of having your own moment that may make or break your Olympic dreams in a matter of minutes would be too much for most.

Jason Brown isn’t among them.

He is composed and prepared. His visage exudes the confidence and intensity of a guy poised to astound supporters and spectators.

Jason is well-dressed, and his lengthy torso and limbs highlight the green, gold, and purple on his physique.

This is «Riverdance» on ice, and the audience’s anticipation and delight are palpable.

They are aware of who Jason is and what he is capable of.

The man moves with exact accuracy, and there are emotions on display.

Jason starts gently, stretching his arms carefully.

He stands tall but not rigid, ready for whatever comes next.

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