The marriage of a 19-year-old nurse and an 89-year-old Alzheimer’s patient made headlines…

A 19-year-old nurse and an 89-year-old man suffering from dementia fell in love. Many people were critical of their relationship, but Olivia Stone chose to ignore them and boldly express her love for one another online. People became aware of their marriage’s evil motive as time passed!

Olivia Stone, a nurse’s assistant at a hospice, is from the United States. She was tasked with caring for dementia-stricken 89-year-old Lee Hopkins. Olivia has grown to adore the man over time. She states on social media that she longs for a wonderful life, but she also claims to be content and happy and to be deeply in love with Lee. However, everyone is familiar with these two and has a working relationship with them as patients and nurses. Lee has been lonely ever since his wife passed away two years ago. He says that by letting Olivia into his heart and ending his loneliness, he has “fallen in love” once more.

Friends have made their feelings known! «I will be the sole heir to his estate,» Olivia explains.

Internet people are now questioning if Olivia truly loved the elderly man or married him for his money after taking advantage of his dementia. Olivia, on the other hand, professes to have found «true love.» Olivia unwittingly informed her friends after their wedding in September of last year, «When Lee Hopkins passes away, I will become the lone heir to the estate.»

Olivia made regular jokes about Lee’s illness and how she was counting down the days until she would become a widow in the hopes that the elderly man would die soon. If everything went as planned, she would be the sole heir because she was the elderly man’s legal wife.

Many internet users have heard about this strange dream, and it has even piqued the interest of a foreign «Reddit lad» named Lian Dengzai. Because he was so enraged, he threatened Olivia by shutting down Twitter one day.

You Can’t Buy Happiness With Money. There’s only so much money a man actually needs—the rest is just for showing off—to steal a line from the film Forrest Gump.

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