Seniors perform classic school routines to a Bee Gees tune.

We’ve got you covered if you needed a pick-me-up this week. What could be more upbeat than dancing to the Bee Gees in a Zumba class in Rome, Italy? That’s right, nothing.

Young Hearts Rome Zumba has gone viral after performing line dances to current music!

As if that wasn’t enough, they visit a variety of locations throughout the city to keep things fresh! It’s no surprise that seeing them dance is so relaxing. Let’s have a look at some of them:

When the camera is turned on, the primary dancer walks back into the frame.

Look no farther if you wanted proof that jean shorts were back in trend! As the man takes a step back, the entire group starts swaying to the music to get in the mood to dance. It doesn’t take much to get Night Fever by the Bee Gees!

The ensemble begins their routine when the vocals arrive!

The group is getting down and funky, spinning, shaking, and demonstrating their slick abilities! This ensemble is visibly in rhythm and on the move as a result of extensive rehearsals.

Learning a routine like this takes a long time for folks who aren’t skilled dancers!

These men deserve all of the credit for figuring out how to keep in shape while also having fun!

As the song proceeds, the grins on everyone’s faces break out and take over.

Check out the lady in the far back (to the right), who is really straining to recall the motions for a good chuckle!

You can’t help but bop your head to the music because it’s the Bee Gees.

Surprisingly, some people see this duo’s song as the apex of disco! UDiscover Music even refers to it as the «birth» of disco!

With the release of their soundtrack for ‘Saturday Night Fever’ in 1977, the Bee Gees were at the forefront of disco, paving the way for others to follow.

There’s something to be said for moving to this music. It’s difficult not to bob your head while listening. Even as I type this (for the third time), I’m bouncing back and forth to that seductive beat.

The song ends with the ensemble doing the last gestures.

This group should be satisfied with their performance now that their day’s workout is over! The video has received over 3 million views to date; their efforts have certainly paid off! It isn’t every day that your training program reaches millions of people all around the world.

Visit their YouTube channel to see their weekly videos!

While one video went viral, there are hundreds more.

We believe they are ideal for anyone looking to brighten their day!

Watch them rock out their movements in the video below and prepare to smile!

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