When mom starts dancing on the Jumbotron for the San Diego Padres, the teen becomes irritated…

Most parents are capable of humiliating their children without even trying. It is awkward enough for many teenagers to be around their parents.

During a baseball game between the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres, a woman rose up and danced to a Flo Rida song, making her child wince.

How many parents possess true talent? They may believe the moves they are demonstrating to be great, but their children may be whimpering behind their backs. When I was a teenager, it was unquestionably the situation! However, now that I think back on it, my parents’ attempts to make me feel embarrassed were actually quite humorous.

Between innings of the San Francisco Giants-San Diego Padres game, a video shows an unidentified mother dancing while the dance camera focuses on her. She performed some amazing movements!

The mother was moving to “Low” by Flo Rida, which became well-known in 2008. She is probably seated there along with her husband and their two sons. You can see from the camera that one boy is extremely embarrassed by his mother’s behavior. As his mother dances, the youngster in the blue shirt really pulled the shirt down over his head.

Things are getting worse! The man began dancing for the live camera as well. He pointed at him again, making the adolescent feel even worse on television. Rudy Rendon, a Twitter user, filmed a large portion of the embarrassing dance for all to see. Since its release, almost 30,000 people have viewed it!

Many others were inspired by the dancing mother and voiced their intention to humiliate their children one day. Others counseled him to take things as they came. To put it simply, life is too short to be humiliated. Others said that they were delighted to see a family out and about and that she had taken advantage of the opportunity to make the day unique.

A second Twitter user immediately pointed out that the father was equally amusing and claimed that he was “totally underestimated” in the clip. It was succinctly stated in one response that this teenager will probably never again travel with his parents! Are you prepared to view this humorous video? The video is below.

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