The 11-year-old boy tears uncontrollably after learning of his adoption on Christmas Day.

The news that his family will adopt him was the most meaningful Christmas present for 11-year-old Carter. As he read the letter carrying this information, the child was unable to suppress his emotions.

This incident occurred in Ohio, a state in the United States. Carter Wiles’ aunt, Leah Kiefart, claims that everyone close to her is aware that her 11-year-old daughter lives with troubled parents.

Following her conversation with the family, they determined that incorporating Carter into their bigger family would be in Carter’s best interests.

For Christmas, the entire Kifart family gathered at their home. Carter had a good time with his cousins, aunt, and uncle.

In addition to various gifts, they asked Carter in a loving letter whether he wanted to join their new family.

Among the gifts uncovered by the child were a letter and a photo.
Carter burst into tears after reading it.

«Carter, please enjoy this most recent family photo.» We’d all love for you to join us in the next photo and become a member of our family.
Will you be Carter, our son, and Kyphart (surname)’s brother? «We adore you,» wrote Carter’s aunt.

After finishing the letter, Carter sobbed and nodded in agreement.
The youngster was approached by the aunt, who embraced him, and the
whole family was affected.

“You may now remain here indefinitely.”

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