This duo captivates the crowd with a lively dance to a 1950s classic…

I was completely absorbed by this; they are wonderful!

Whether you’re in the mood to dance or not, you’ll love watching this couple perform.
Tanya Georgiievska and Sondre Olsen-Bye are a dancing duo known for their captivating performances.

They did not fail to «wow» the audience with their spectacular improv performance set to the tune of «Rock Around the Clock» once more.

Because of the song’s energetic and boisterous energy, you’ll certainly begin dancing like this couple.
The hit song «Rock Around the Clock» was written by Bill Haley. This 1950s rock and roll tune was the first to top both the US and UK Pop Charts. It is credited with influencing mainstream acceptance of rock and roll, and it was named one of the Greatest Songs of All Time by Rolling Stone.

It makes sense that Sondre and Tanya chose it for their act.

Their boogie-woogie dances go well with this well-known rock & roll song!
The duo lets loose their cheerful, enthusiastic dancing rhythms to match the upbeat tempo of the music. They are dancing this social dance in just the correct way with their joyous movements.

You’ll need to take a breather just watching them dance.
You’ll have to stop and catch your breath just watching them dance.

You’ll have to stop and catch your breath just watching them dance.
The duo’s dynamic and powerful performance perfectly complemented the song’s high energy. Onlookers might perceive their passion via their dance. They are certainly skilled at expressing emotions through dancing.

Tanya and Sondre are well-known for their exceptional performances.
The professional dancing couple has shared stages and competitions since 2015.

Their love of dance has led them to travel and bring people from all over the world together through their love of the boogie.

Looking at their credentials is a fantastic technique to demonstrate their incredible skills. They have won numerous championships!

They are teachers in addition to performers!
They wanted to impart their expertise because they were so passionate and love dancing.

Just by observing them on the dance floor, you can already know how enjoyable those classes will be!

Some of their supporters discuss their reactions to their spirited performance.
Love their energy, one of the spectators exclaimed. evokes the want to dance with them.

“Sondre and Tanya, you never let your audience down. Thank you for another outstanding performance. One more said, “We loved it.

Anyone can feel energized by seeing them hop and shake to the music.

Through their dancing, they exchange messages.
The beautiful couple is skilled at interacting with their audience and letting them experience the energy of their movements. They undoubtedly said something fantastic about their performance before leaving.

You feel fantastic just watching them perform. They have the power to get you up on your feet and moving to their beat.

In the video below, you can see them perform while grooving to the music!

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