When you witness this tiny boy «help» his mother, you won’t be able to stop laughing… View the video below…

When a small child attempts to make the weekly grocery list, the outcome is simply too adorable to describe. He’s covered everything, from «nanas» to «matoes,» which is wonderful for his mother.

Darling Little Boy Helps Mommy Make a Grocery List, But Has Everyone  Falling in Love With His Precious Response – Madly Odd!

Chrystal Logsdon knew she had to turn on the camera when her youngest kid asked if he could assist with the shopping. He arrived prepared with a ballpoint pen and a stack of paper to jot down his mother’s mental list.

While mom lists everything they need to buy at the supermarket, her little helper repeats each item and records it in his handy notepad. In fact, he’s so organized that he’s already thinking about the next thing after jotting down the first.

Adorable Southern Boy Helps Mom Make the Grocery List

We can’t help but admire this little assistant as he attempts to make his mother’s life simpler, whether it’s through his ability to speak or write. We can only hope she brought an extra list.

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