A hairdresser helps a depressed 62-year-old grandmother rediscover her joy in life…Just look at her now

Beverly Dunlap of Lamar, Missouri is the new heroine’s name. She went to see Christopher in order to get a little closer to her true age.

«I need to feel beautiful once more.»

I have the impression that I am 5,000 years old.

I’ve always been gorgeous and appeared younger than my age. But not right now.

Indeed, Beverly now appears considerably older than her age, which begs the question of what major issues might mar her appearance in a few years.

She’s only 62, yet she appears to be 72.

Beverly wishes to find a way to be gorgeous again at the age of 62.

She stated that a lot of things had occurred in her life in recent years.

One of the most serious is her own son’s death.

«I’m sick of feeling down. «I know there was a happy Beverly somewhere inside me; I just need to find her.»

The first thing she did was cut her lengthy hair.

After all, she thought they were tiny and unsightly. Christopher agreed with her completely:

They did not create a potent filler makeup; instead, they decided to stick to complexion repairs and concealing minor defects.

And because such makeup is simple to replicate at home with little effort.

I’d want to focus on the haircut because it merits special mention.

An extremely successful dyeing color + light curls made her indescribable hair much more voluminous. I can’t say that she is younger by dozens of years. I can’t even say that she started looking at her 62 years old.

Her daughter came to support her and complimented her on her hair color and style.

Certainly, the transformation was successful, and I hope that this photograph will assist her in seeing herself in a new light and overcoming depression.

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