Gucci’s new natural and unusual face has defied beauty conventions….Who is she?

The new «face of Gucci» — model Armine Harutyunyan — has already sparked fierce debate in the media and on social media.

Some think she’s unusual and unique, while others openly insult her, sure that she’s unfit for the role of «face of the brand.»

Anyway, Armine’s appearance does not leave anyone indifferent.

By the way, the controversy has not subsided to this day, although the girl managed to appear on the most famous catwalks of the world more than once.

However, the girl is unconcerned with the negative perceptions of her and the symptoms of so-called «body-shaming.»

Armine believes that people in general are terrified of anything out of the ordinary.

One of the main problems of modern society is trying to eradicate this stereotypical thinking.

The model believes that many are simply afraid of everything that is different from their usual concepts.

Armine believes that being different, original, and special is preferable to becoming lost in a faceless gray mass and becoming like everyone else.

According to the atypical model, it is critical to pay attention to yourself and what you truly enjoy.

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