There are few things more beautiful in life than what happened in this video. Reunions of loved ones, reunions of friends, and the return of parents to their children. «I’m really excited and happy,» you can hear there. It’s simply thrilling. «I am relieved to have her back,»

«It’s great, I’m here with my daughter, whom I just met for the first time, and my wife», «It’s great, I get to meet my daughter for the first time» «It just feels so good, and I’m so happy.» «I’m at a loss for words.» «I spent a lot of time with my family and friends!»

reuniting with the kids and wife”. “We are going to my father’s on Saturday and then Sunday we will probably just hang out at the house, and enjoy each other and be, you know, be a family for the first time, you know,” Andrew Hanson said.

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