Many fans have never even seen these actors in their youth.

Everyone has a favorite actor or actress.

We wait for new movies with them and watch their older movies again.

These days, it’s fairly simple to get information and pictures about them online.

We can view images of them from various occasions, their regular lives, when shopping, etc.

And occasionally it’s fascinating to see how our favorite actors and actresses appeared when they were relatively unknown or at least young when we watch movies with them wearing various kinds of makeup.

At a decent age, these actors achieved fame.

While many admirers are thrilled with their performance, they were not even around when they were kids.

Many of them were just amazing!

Some things have remained the same, while others have improved and grown more compelling.

Photographs from the past identify the players on the other side.

Patrick Stewart

Diana Rigg

Jean Renaud

Melissa McCarthy

Morgan Freeman

Leslie Nielsen

Charles Dance

Alan Rickman

Whoopi Goldberg

Ian McKellen

Louis De Funes


Willem Defoe

Christopher Walken

Glenn Close

Lin Shay

Helen Mirren

Rowan Atkinson

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