A small boy sings the sweetest song to his new baby sister… View the video below…

A young guy sings the cutest song to his baby sister. Wait until the end to see one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen.

It hasn’t been long since Mom and Dad brought home the family’s newest addition.

New Brother Sings “You Are So Beautiful” To Baby Sister, The Way He Looks  At Her Is Beyond Compare – InspireMore

Despite their fears that their first child would be jealous of their new baby, he couldn’t be happier to spend time with his younger sibling. He was captivated by his teenage sister from the minute his parents placed her on his lap.

But when they turned a corner and heard her singing «You’re So Beautiful,» they realized they didn’t have to worry.

Most people believe that «You Are So Beautiful» is just another love song, yet nothing could be further from reality. Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher wrote the song to honor Preston’s mother.

She was the one who shaped Preston’s life. Preston was furious when he discovered that one of his musician buddies was using the song at his concerts to holler at young women.

Little Boy Holds Baby Sister - He Starts Singing Her A Song And His Mother  Is Moved To Tears

He contacted a friend who was an artist and chastised him for using a once-beautiful song about his mother to acquire females. Later that year, once the dust had settled, Joe Cocker recorded a slower version of the song by Preston and Fisher. This is the one that everyone is familiar with. It has since become one of the most well-known tunes of all time.

Mom and Dad always play the song at home since the lyrics and music are so great. Brother had heard this song so many times that he eventually memorized the lyrics and chose to sing it to his loving sister.

The mother was awestruck as her son tenderly rocked the infant back and forth while singing, «You’re so beautiful.» This was a moment he would remember for the rest of his life. View a genuine family moment with them below. We’re confident he’ll be an excellent big brother!

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