This tiny boy claims to sound precisely like Johnny Cash, and the audience quickly rises to their feet…

In an incredible performance, a young boy displays how similar his voice is to Johnny Cash’s.

Many people claim that their voice is similar to that of a famous person, but Little John is one youngster for whom this is genuine! Little John, a second-grader, wowed the audience with his exceptional singing ability during one of his concerts. Before he even began the song, the crowd was taken with the small youngster due to his cuteness.

In his tiny blue button-down shirt and guitar that appeared to be too big for his tiny hands, he was a cute sight. Despite the fact that he chose a difficult song to sing, he was confident in his abilities to do so elegantly and expertly. Nobody expected Little John to put on such a fantastic show.

Before beginning to perform, he introduced himself and the songs he planned to cover. Everyone was shocked when the young boy announced that he would be singing some Johnny Cash songs, but as soon as he began, it was clear that these songs were written specifically for this young boy’s voice!

The boy’s singing was so fluid and flawless that the audience was startled. Although his talent level well exceeded his age, it was clear that he had been training for years because his voice could be heard from every corner of the room.

His voice sounded uncannily similar to Johnny Cash’s, and his tone was soothing and kind. But just when the crowd thought that was all he had to offer, Little John sprung an even larger surprise from his sleeve! He made the decision to change things up mid-song in order to further impress the audience with his incredible talent.

Little John was there to show that even small children can be celebrities! People were amazed that someone so young could have such presence on stage and such vocal prowess.

Watch him perform amazingly here:

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