Jason Momoa takes on the role of a flight attendant for the day, much to the joy of Hawaii-bound travelers… But it also has another incredible mission…

The star was announcing a partnership between Hawaiian and his sustainable water company.
Jason Momoa, best known for his performances in Aquaman and Game of Thrones, startled passengers on a Hawaiian Airlines flight by dressing up as a flight attendant and handing out water bottles. Mananalu, the actor’s green water company, and Hawaiian Airlines have partnered to deliver environmentally friendly drinking water on flights.

A video of Hollywood star Jason Momoa passing out water to passengers on a Hawaiian Airlines aircraft went viral this week.

Momoa is seen sharing aluminum bottles of his sustainable Mananalu Pure water with passengers in 11-second footage posted by TikTok user @livinglikekylee.

Before starting Honolulu-bound passengers, the actor traveled to Los Angeles International Airport with his 13-year-old son Nakoa-Wolf and 14-year-old daughter Lola Iolani.

According to Momoa, he got the idea to create his own water company on a Hawaiian Airlines flight. Mananulu was later established in 2019. The company uses recyclable aluminum packaging and triple-filtered, electrolyte-added, pH-neutral drinking water.

Momoa stated:

“Why can’t we have aluminum? It’s a dream come true. There is sparkling water, sparkling beer, soda, and soft drinks available. Why do I need to drink this one drop of water? So this is my first opportunity to do so. I will therefore announce it on Hawaiian Airlines. I can’t wait to get home.”

In actuality, the Aquaman actor distributed more than simply water. The Hawaiian native said that every traveler on the trip received a gift of 10,000 miles in a video shared on Instagram.

Momoa returned to his hometown in Honolulu via a flight from Los Angeles in time for his 43rd birthday celebrations.

Mananalu and Hawaiian Airlines announced a deal in April under which each Premium Cabin traveler on Hawaiian’s flights to and from the US East Coast and abroad will receive a personalized 16-ounce Mananalu water bottle.

The airline said that its new partnership would save around 142,000 plastic bottles per year across all of its operations. According to Mananalu, aluminum has the highest recycling rate of any beverage packaging material, with about 75% of the metal produced still in use today.

Hawaiian Airlines’ Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Avi Mannis, said:

We have remained strong in our mission to find more environmentally friendly items for our onboard service, and our relationship with Mananalu enables us to keep eliminating single-use plastics and safeguarding the ecosystem and oceans.

Watch the video below:

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