When a 13-year-old boy attempted to sing like Celine Dion in less than a minute, the judges leaped out of their seats… View the video below…

When Abu, a thirteen-year-old kid, took the stage at «The Voice Kids Belgium,» he was able to captivate everyone in the audience. And it was fate that brought it about.

13-Yr-Old Boy Has Judges Jumping Out of Their Seats With This Celine Dion  Classic

He was reared in a musical family.

They assisted the youngster in any way they could and helped him improve his musical abilities.

He afterward met Rene Angel.

The world was then aware of her lyrical soprano, which was full of feelings and feelings.

She was the fourteenth child of a French-Canadian household. She was born on March 13, 1996, in the Dion family’s 196th year.

The event took place in Charlie, a little village that eventually became an important section of Montreal, the largest metropolis in the Canadian province of Quebec.

The future star spent his or her entire youth here. This is where he began his journey to a world-class profession. Her family was always supportive. Adhemar and Teresa Dion ran a few modest bars. This place not only provided them with some extra cash, but it also brought the entire family together.

Abu - 'My Heart Will Go On' | Blind Auditions | The Voice Kids | VTM -  YouTube

While the father played the accordion and the mother played the violin, the children sang. These types of events were conducted every Sunday, giving Celine a tremendous opportunity to hone her abilities and learn how to speak more confidently on stage.

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