In the video below, Guo Gantang recounts his hunt for his missing kid. Lonely Father Rides Motorcycle for 24 Years in Search of Missing Son

Gan Tang’s son was playing outside when he was abducted on his doorstep in Shandong province by smugglers. Tang, the suspect, kidnapped the boy and drove him to the bus station!

She took the intercity bus with Hu, her companion, to the province of Henan, where she sold the boy. Gantang followed his instincts and walked wherever they led him.

He will ride his motorcycle across cities and regions if the distance is too great. Two large flags with his son’s face inscribed on them were hoisted on his motorcycle, hoping that people passing by would recognize his son.

Gantang searches for his lost son and is willing to lose his family’s life savings as well as ten motorcycles. He rode his motorcycle 300,000 miles across the province. Once,

Gan Tang considered suicide, but when he saw his son’s photo on the motorcycle flag, he changed his mind. She sensed her son urging her not to give up at that very time. After 24 years of looking,

The description was compared to people in the province by Henan police. They allowed this individual to do a DNA test, which established his relationship with Guo Gantang. People on the Internet respect Gantang and his kid, and everyone is relieved that the father and son may finally reunite again.

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