Netizens are Touched by what he did!Kind-Hearted Bus Drivers Carry a Child with Limited Mobility Into…watch the video below…

A video showing a bus driver from the K1 «True Love Bus» in Qingdao, China, carrying a youngster with cerebral palsy off the bus and bringing him to safety went viral and moved the hearts of netizens. Master Yu, the driver, confirms that the unusual circumstance has been going on for more than 6 years. For the netizens, it was a joyful scene.

Every day, Hehe, as the boy is affectionately known, takes the K1 bus to the hospital for rehabilitation. It was inconvenient for the mother and her kid to go every day because the boy has limited mobility and relied on a wheelchair to get about. The K1 bus drivers were always willing to help the mother and kid by carrying the young boy to and from the bus. The touching situation has been going on for six years, and the drivers have never stopped helping.

The CCTV footage shows Master Yu Yimu, the driver of Qingdao Zhenqing Bus K1, properly parking the bus at the bus stop, walking to the disabled boy’s seat, and tenderly putting Hehe on his back. He stepped off the bus, placed him on a bench at the bus stop, and returned to the driver’s seat. The youngster and the driver parted ways. Some passengers applauded and were moved.

“Xiao Hehe goes to rehabilitation every day, and takes any of our K1 buses, including driver Master Lu Zhenhua’s bus,” said bus driver Yu Yimu. “More than 50 bus drivers will do this to help Xiao Hehe. In the past 6 years, we have become accustomed to it.”

In 2014, the bus line where Master Yu works opened their doors to passengers and began their journey. One day at noon, a woman named Zhang was preparing to board the bus with her son. The bus driver, Lu Zhenhua, assisted them. Incidentally, Zhang was his elder sister.

“I couldn’t stand or speak, and my hands were still shaking,” said driver Lu Zhenhua. “I felt very sad at that time. I transferred $14.50 to my eldest sister through WeChat. My eldest sister didn’t want anything. She felt that she couldn’t ask for other people’s money. I said that my $14.50 is not for you. It is for the child. Buy the child something delicious. This is how they took the bus for the first time.”

Since then, the drivers have met Zhang and her kid at the station and assisted the boy in boarding and disembarking. Xiao Hehe was born with cerebral damage from severe asphyxia and is unable to speak or walk. Every day, Zhang transports Hehe to the hospital in Qingdao’s North District for rehabilitation. The mother and son must transfer three times by bus over a distance of more than 50 kilometers, and the round trip takes more than 5 hours.

“When we got in the bus, the child and his mother were already inside,” said passenger Mr. Ma. “When we got off the bus, the driver took him down very carefully. It was truly heartwarming and very touching.”

Only the two master drivers, Lu Zhenhua and Yu Yimu, initially assisted the mother and son. The other bus drivers quickly became aware of the issue and never hesitated to help Hehe get to and from the bus. Hehe, would be carried on their backs. The scenario has been ongoing for almost 6 years.

Hehe was just 8 years old and weighed 30 kg in 2014, according to the driver, Master Lu Zhenhua. They could easily lift him with just one hand. Hehe now weighs nearly 100 kg and is a little heavier to carry. However, as long as Zhang continues to transport him to the hospital for rehabilitation and rides the K1 bus every day, the drivers will gladly aid them.

The good-hearted drivers share a desire for Hehe. They hope that one day, his physical condition will improve, and his life will improve in all respects, including making attending to school more convenient for him.

Every weekday morning, Zhang would accompany Hehe to his courses at a nearby primary school. When lessons ended at 11:30 a.m., they went straight to the K1 bus stop and prepared to head to the hospital for rehab. Zhang would pack food in an insulated bucket in the morning before they left for school because they didn’t have time to go home for lunch.

When Zhang’s brother, bus driver Lu Zhenhua, learned of their predicament, he requested permission from his superiors to let the mother and boy to eat lunch at the staff cafeteria. Zhang, on the other hand, hesitated since she did not want to upset anyone. Finally, Zhang was given a meal card that she could use. All she had to do was swipe the card, and the cost of her dinner would be removed at employee rates. Initially, she would only spend $1.45 per day on the meal card. However, the meal card was being deducted at an increasing rate.

“Now, there are $60 to $75 in the card,” said driver Lu Zhenhua. “A meal is only $0.45 to $0.60, enough to last for half a year. The money is donated by everyone. Zhang San donates $8, and Li Si donates $15.”

It was discovered that the drivers were occasionally depositing more money into Zhang’s meal card. The drivers would convince Zhang that there was still money in her meal card at the time she topped up. Zhang and her kid were overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity when they learned of it. When they boarded the bus while it was still at the station, Zhang would wipe the rearview mirror, urge passengers to produce their health cards, and serve as a «temporary voluntary safety officer.»

«We have more than 50 drivers on K1,» Yu Yimu, a driver, stated. «‘Master Yu, I don’t have any treasures at home, and I don’t have the money to buy expensive gifts,’ said the child’s mother. So I went out and bought cross stitches and created the insoles at home, sewing 50 pairs at a time. These 50 pairs took me more than two months.’”

The words «Safety First» were cross-stitched on every custom insole Zhang manufactured for the bus drivers. A reminder to all drivers to be cautious on the road. Although her presents were not extravagant, they were all given out of appreciation, and the connection between mother and son and the drivers endured. Hehe’s family makes a pittance from his father’s part-time employment. More than 50 K1 bus drivers contribute to the purchase of books, toys, clothes, and shoes for the child. During the holidays, they take Hehe out for some fun. For the boy, they were more than just bus drivers; they were a family.

“Through them, with their help, I also have the confidence that my child will recover.” Hehe’s mother, Zhang Jinfeng, said.

Zhang continues to receive goodwill and support. She was determined to accompany Hehe to rehab, rain or shine. Hehe’s physical state is now improving.

«Basically, he can walk indoors now, with better stability than before,» said Lu Wei, an attending doctor at the Rehabilitation Hospital. «His language expression is much clearer, as is his chewing ability.» He frequently speaks with us in the hopes that he will be fine. He wants to repay society, as well as the good people who cared for him and her mother.»

Hehe, and his mother created a digital photo album on their phones, chronicling every detail of their daily commute on the K1 bus for almost 6 years.

Lu Zhenhua and Yu Yimu, 2 ordinary bus drivers, noticed the struggles of a mother and her child who was under medical treatment. For more than 6 years, they did not hesitate to lend a helping hand and share goodwill out of the kindness of their hearts. More than 6 years of persistence motivated the mother and son. The K1 bus team showed bravery, and the mother-son duo had a family other than their own. Citizens who have witnessed the goodwill of these drivers are grateful.

▼ Here is the viral video showing the kind-hearted drivers in action.

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