Betty Reid Soskin, 100, is the oldest park ranger in the United States… View the video below…

Betty Reid Soskin, the oldest National Park Service ranger still working, has retired after sharing her life tales, including those from World War II, at Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historic Park in Richmond for more than 15 years.

100-year-old park ranger Betty Reid Soskin retires from National Park  Service - Upworthy

Soskin made news in September when she turned 100, becoming by far the oldest park ranger on duty. On April 16, there will be a public gathering to celebrate her retirement.

According to reports, the centenarian’s work as a park ranger has assisted the park service in improving how it teaches tourists about history.

Soskin remarked on her retirement, «It has been amazing to be a part of helping to mark the spot where the dramatic path of my life and the lives of others of my generation will affect the future through the footprints we’ve left behind.»

98-yr-old Betty Reid Soskin is America's oldest park ranger and an  inspiration for us all - Upworthy

When she was a young lady during World War II, the 100-year-old woman worked as a file clerk in a segregated Union hall. Later in life, she and her husband, Mel Reid, launched Reid’s Records. The store permanently closed in 2019.

Soskin, then 89, began working full-time for the National Park Service in 2011. At the park’s visitor center, she gave public events and talked about memories and thoughts.

«It’s been exciting and rewarding,» Soskin said, «to be a main source for sharing that history—my history—and giving shape to a new national park.»

America Strong: oldest park ranger in US celebrates her 100th birthday -  Good Morning America

«It has given my last years a reason to live.»

«Betty has had a huge impact on the National Park Service and how we do our job,» said Chuck Sams, director of the National Park Service. Her work reminds us that if we wish to portray a more comprehensive and truthful picture of our country’s past, we must seek out and include all points of view.

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