Grandfather saved the lives of fox cubs, and they now follow him everywhere.

Patsy Gibson, a UK retiree, saved the lives of two orphaned fox cubs who had lost their mother. The cute little red fluff balls now refuse to leave their rescuer and follow him around.

Patsy discovered the fox cubs when they were little and realized they wouldn’t survive in their natural environment without their mother, so he decided to take them in. He fed them on a regular basis and gradually let them out as they matured and became stronger.

Patsy was certain that when the cubs were old enough, they would naturally desire to return to the wild. However, much to his astonishment, they expressed no desire to leave. They found solace and joy in their kind and loving human friend.

They are currently housed with Patsy, who does not confine them and believes they would be better off in the wild. The odd family has become well-known throughout the neighborhood, and the fox cubs’ progress is eagerly followed by the locals.

Patsy has involved himself in learning everything he can about these amazing animals as their owner. He has studied the complexities of caring for foxes in a home context, distant from their natural habitat. He finds researching these creatures enthralling, as he is continuously uncovering something new.

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