This infant was found curled in an abandoned shoe, starving and cold, but a kind man changed his life and transformed him into a joyful and lovely youngster.

In addition to his regular employment, this Serbian man has long dedicated his life to saving animals in distress. He gives his time to assist animals in need. On a walk one day, he noticed a tiny puppy shaking and seeking shelter in worn-out sports shoes. Unable to ignore the small child, the guy decided to rescue him and transform him into a joyful and beautiful canine.

Goran Markovi was greatly moved to observe this puppy, helpless and without a mother, amidst garbage waste. Either his mother had died, or he was born to a dog whose owners had abandoned him to fate.

He was thin and weak, needing immediate rescue. Goran first provided him with food and then took him to a veterinarian for examination. After receiving the necessary care and treatment, he took the puppy home.

The young one thrived in the warmth and care of Goran’s home, coupled with an abundance of wonderful food, and quickly evolved into a lovely puppy that no one could ignore.

The young man named him Smesten and developed a strong attachment to him, which was reciprocated. Smesten is now one and a half years old and has completely changed. He is very attractive, vivacious, and friendly, and it’s difficult to believe he was once a defenseless, dirty puppy discovered in a shoe.

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