Meet the world’s most jubilant retiree: Prepare to feel a touch of envy as you delve into the extraordinary way she embraces her life.

For the past seven years, this remarkable woman has called the Crystal Serenity cruise ship her home. Choosing this path wasn’t without its challenges for Wachtsetter. She made the bold decision to sell her Florida house, dedicating the remainder of her life to a perpetual voyage. In an interview, she shared her enduring love for cruises, harkening back to her inaugural voyage in 1962.

Presently, she is embarking on her 283rd journey. Lee expends $164,000 annually to maintain her retirement lifestyle. In exchange for this sum, she resides in a lavish private cabin, indulges in a variety of dishes from the ship’s restaurants, and participates in evening ballroom dancing.

Her social calendar is replete with dinner parties and cocktail gatherings. She fully immerses herself in the ship’s offerings, attending film screenings, and lectures, and partaking in various complimentary entertainments.

«The crew members go above and beyond to ensure my happiness. Some of them have even become like family to me. If they don’t have something I desire, they go out of their way to find it—even if it means spending all their time on the ground during stops. No one has ever been so attentive to me,» Lee expresses.

On the ship, Wachtsetter is affectionately referred to as «Mama Lee.»

Blogger Penny Ho, who encountered Lee on an Italian cruise in 2011, remarks that she’s the very person who introduced her to the true essence of enjoying life.

Lee’s tenure on the Crystal Serenity dates back to 2008, outlasting the majority of crew members. Her choice of this particular ship was strongly influenced by its dance program.

«My husband and I were avid travelers. Before he passed away in 1997, he advised me, ‘Lee, keep traveling. Never stop.’ And so I’ve carried on,» she shares.

Currently, dancing has transformed into Lee’s primary hobby, having occupied a central role in her life for the past 15 years.

«Before I began residing on this ship, I explored the world with Holland America. This continued for a span of three years. However, they eventually discontinued the dance classes, and that’s when I made the decision to depart. For numerous years now, I’ve been dedicated to dancing for several hours each evening, consistently with the guidance of an instructor,» Lee recounts.

Furthermore, this grandmother shares that her lifetime travels have taken her to over a hundred countries, encompassing both European and Asian destinations. Among her preferred cities for strolling is Istanbul. She discloses, «I simply can’t resist the allure of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. The ensembles there dazzle so splendidly that they’re ideal for ballroom dancing. While space is limited in my cabin, I exercise restraint. Yet, when it comes to shopping, I’m the first to disembark the ship.»

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