He made the decision to marry a disabled person. But what transpired at the wedding stunned everyone, not just him.

The bride walking to the altar, arm in arm with her father, looking at the groom waiting for her, is always quite moving. It was also special for this pair. Jackie Goncher, 25, has been paralyzed from the neck down since she was 17 years old.

Doctors claimed she would most likely never be able to walk again after suffering a spine injury while swimming. As a former athlete, Jackie found it difficult to accept that she could no longer execute even the most mundane tasks.

She refused to give up, and after six months, she was able to stand on her own. However, for the next eight years, she was primarily confined to a wheelchair.

The most challenging aspect for Jackie was that she could no longer participate in sports. Nonetheless, a year before the wedding, she set herself the aim of learning to stand and even walk again.

The girl’s fiancé was aware of this, yet he was overcome with emotion when he realized how successful she was. Jackie was able to walk to the altar, stand the ceremony, and even dance the wedding dance after getting out of the stroller.

She could barely stand for 30 minutes a year ago, but at the wedding, she lasted 45 minutes and most of the 5-hour party! Incredible courage and will to live, as well as the love and support of a loved one.

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