A three-year-old boy performs the national anthem at a minor league baseball game and hits a home run.

WTVH reported that a 3-year-old boy stunned baseball fans this week when he sang the national anthem at a minor league baseball game in Auburn, New York.

Drake, the toddler, adores baseball, particularly the Auburn Doubledays. Drake agreed to sing the national anthem at Wednesday’s game after the minor league team requested him at the last minute.

Drake knew every word to the Star Spangled Banner and didn’t mind showing it. He stood on the field and sang to the audience. He wowed the audience and may return to the ballpark to perform again.

Drake’s mother hopes he will sing at the July 29 game as part of a fundraiser for hip dysphasia. Drake’s newborn sister has the disease, therefore that game will hold extra meaning for him.

The Doubledays ended up losing to the Lowell Spinners, but Drake won the hearts of everyone in the stands.

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