VIDEO: In front of 6K sports fans, a brave toddler takes the mic and plays the national anthem.

Some children appear to be born to be stars. They have the confidence and talent to entertain large crowds even at such a young age.

One three-year-old easily sang the national anthem, becoming the youngest person ever to do so in New York’s Carrier Dome stadium.

The national anthem has never been cuter. Wait until you see this youngster nail the traditional song to open a Syracuse Women’s basketball game.

Drake Grillo, three, is a little sweetie pie who was born to be in the spotlight.
It’s difficult to imagine a three-year-old could even remember the «Star-Spangled Banner,» let alone sing it in front of a live audience of almost 6,000 people. Drake Grillo, on the other hand, is no ordinary toddler; watch as he fearlessly performs the song and completely captivates the audience.

When the video begins, the announcer introduces the young man from Auburn, New York, and he immediately begins singing the «Star-Spangled Banner.» Fortunately, he has his mother kneeling alongside him.

The youthful singer never misses a beat. He performs the song word for word, and the audience is enthralled. This has to be the most valuable rendition of the national anthem available. The fact that the toddler hasn’t quite mastered his «rs» adds an extra depth of charm to the performance.

3-Year-Old Grabs Mic Unleashing Version Of National Anthem That Leaves  Crowd Cheering

People in the throng are beaming from ear to ear, and some are even taking photos and videos of the little child. As the song progresses, he continues to surprise everyone in the audience who is watching quietly.

He is much older than his years. Some adult vocalists can’t even handle the pressure, yet Drake effortlessly performs the song.
The entire time he’s singing, you could hear a pin drop, and no one can take their gaze away from the remarkable toddler. It’s so wonderful that you could watch him repeat it 100 times and it would never grow old.

Naturally, the three-year-old mispronounces some of the more difficult terms, but that only adds to the cuteness.
Of course, terms like «gleaming» and «perilous» are more difficult for Drake to say, but he does his best. After all, he’s only recently learned to speak, so it’s still quite impressive.

3-year-old sings the National Anthem for over 6,000 people and adorably  belts his heart out

Drake finishes strong, playing the entire song without pausing. When he’s finished, the small boy becomes shy and runs to his mother. Congratulations, young man!

People all over love the YouTube video, which currently has over 3.2 million views and 44K likes.
Many have been impressed by the little guy, especially since he was so young performing the song. One YouTube user hilariously commented:

“The fact that he didn’t forget the words is impressive like what some singers have done. Great job buddy!!”

The internet is full of amazing national anthem performances, but it’s not too often that you want to pinch the singer’s sweet little cheeks! This is definitely one you don’t want to miss.


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