A little creature was discovered when the boys were playing hide and seek. They discovered what it was only a month later.

The lads were playing hide & seek when one of them noticed a small animal under the bushes.

Because he was so small, he couldn’t tell if it was a kitten or a puppy at first.

When he took him, it was clear that the child was dealing with a puppy.

When his friend and the boy saw that precious little one alone in the bushes, they were taken aback, and the boy carried him home.

His mother assisted him in the feeding and overall care of the child, and within a month he had grown up enough to eat on his own.

The discovery of the puppy was not the only surprise in this narrative.

Another on was to find out that the pup was a purebred Chihuahua.

Till today it is a big question how the pup appeared under the bushes alone without any note.

However, he is safe and sound, and most importantly happy in his new family.

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