She was 20 when she was abandoned by her eight siblings. This is how she tackles the situation.

You want to spend as much time as possible with your friends, have fun, relax, and meet new people when you’re twenty. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to fully enjoy their youth. There are times in life when very young people are given the duty of making significant decisions. According to fate, Christy’s parents perished in two years. In a family of eight, the girl was the oldest of eight children, and the youngest was only four years old.

After the mother died, social services became interested in the family and chose to place all of the children in orphanages. Kristy’s pulse was racing; how could they have been split, what would become of them, and where would she look for them all?

After considerable consideration, the girl stated that she would act as a guardian for her brothers and sisters, doing everything she could to ensure that they grew up together. Fortunately, the local authorities took up Christy’s case, and the guardianship agency gave the family exactly half a year to establish that they could live independently of an older sister.

Christy had no alternative but to discontinue her studies and work from home in the hamlet. She was in charge of the farm, milking the cows, and driving the kids to and from kindergarten and school. While her siblings were away, she cooked, cleaned, and washed. Six months later, they were called by social services again. They were able to ensure the family’s well-being, that everyone was clean, dressed, and fed, and that the house was orderly.

Christy managed to organize the siblings so that each had their own responsibilities: one of the boys was in charge of feeding the cattle, while the girls helped in the kitchen, hung laundry, and swept. Because of various problems with the house, I had to go to a spring several kilometers distant for water. When the local authorities found out, they sent a water line to their house, and it became a true holiday.

Artem, the next oldest member of the family, enrolled at a technical school. So Christy decided to let him acquire an education while she looks after the younger ones. On weekends, Artem was doing «men’s work»: fixing something, nailing, repairing…

The state did not abandon them either. Christy receives a stipend for the children. The neighbor said that Christy sometimes comes to her to cry because things are difficult for her, but she wipes her tears away and goes back to work because she has no right to give up. She, too, wishes to be a vulnerable little girl. Of course, Christy would like to go on dates and to discos, but her family is her priority right now.

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