With his emergency expertise, a 3-year-old boy astonished his comatose mother… Watch the video to find out how he knew that…

When a small boy in the United Kingdom saw his mother fall, he reacted in an unusual way. He was able to acquire aid, and his exceptional knowledge came from an unexpected source.

Parents frequently criticize their children for spending too much time watching television or watching videos on the internet. There are a few major exceptions to the rule that youngsters should not waste their time.

When a three-year-old was alone at home with his mother and she fell asleep, his screen time came in handy. He knew exactly what to do to help her and get help because of something he had seen on YouTube. Read their inspiring tale!

Kayleigh Boffey was on her way upstairs to purchase a new pair of clothes for her child when she fell and hit her head on the ground.

Because she was unconscious, her three-year-old son was the only one who could help her. The mother went on to explain:

«I remember closing the stair gate, and then the next thing I know, I’m on the phone with someone, and cops are in the house.»

Despite his tender age, the toddler was well-behaved. He liked watching Robocar Poli, a YouTube series about a fire truck, ambulance, and police car responding to emergencies, but he had no idea how much it would help him.

Most children are unaware that Thomas Boffey learned a few important skills from a South Korean anime series. Rather than screaming in panic or freezing in amazement, he reached for a phone and rang 999 (the British equivalent of 911).

The three-year-old told 911 operator Morgane Amphlett what had happened, saying his «mother fell upstairs.» While rescue arrived, Amphlett instructed the youngster to hold his mother’s hand and speak to her.

The mother, who had regained consciousness, was in pain and unable to move while waiting for the paramedics. Her daring youngster climbed over his childproof baby gate before obtaining their house key.

Thomas was able to quickly open the door for emergency services to attend to his mother. Kayleigh was proud of her son and thankful that he was able to get her the help she needed.

She was treated in the hospital for injuries to her hip, shoulder, knee, and ankle. Her fall was caused by pain caused by an enlarged spleen and a hernia.

Fortunately, the mother was on her road to recovery. «, she said.

«He’s like a mini-superhero, and it’s really incredible how he knew what to do and didn’t feel terrified, especially for his age.»

The little hero saved the day, and his actions served as an important lesson for other parents. Kayleigh agreed to allow West Midlands Police to share the audio tape of Thomas and Amphlett’s altercation.

While the boy was bewildered, his rapid actions and ability to summon assistance made a significant difference. Kayleigh hoped that by telling her tale, parents would realize how vital it is to teach their children how to respond to different situations.

She made the following remark:

«I want others to know what my son accomplished and how important it is for children to know what to do in an emergency,» the mother says.

Most three-year-olds couldn’t respond in the same way, and Thomas deserved all of the praise. His quick thinking and actions astounded the audience, and many complimented his bravery.

After his mother was taken to the hospital, police drove him to his great-grandmother Rita Waldron. Officers handed him control of the flashing lights as a reward for his bravery.

Watch the video below for the complete story:

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