Except for one, the child invited all of his classmates to his birthday party. And his mother was unable to accept it.

Jennifer Angele currently resides in Canada. Sawyer, her small boy, lately went through a great tragedy: he was the only one in the entire class who was not invited to a classmate’s birthday party. We’ve all experienced what it’s like for a child to be an outcast among their peers.

Jennifer chose to fight for her kid. She published an open message to the birthday boy’s parents on her Facebook page. Do you believe Mom was excited? Maybe. However, the issue is complicated further by the fact that Savier was born with Down syndrome, and his mother is continually forced to observe how people try to push her son to the fringes of life. «I fully understand that this is not a mistake, but a deliberate decision on your part,» he said to Jennifer in his letter.

Parents invited the entire class (22 persons) to the party. And only Savier was left without an invitation, as everyone quickly discovered. According to the mother, her son had no issues with his peers. He is a very nice young man who wants to make friends with everyone. As a result, Jennifer is certain that the boy was not invited to the party just because he is different from the rest.

The woman is well aware that many people are uncomfortable around her son and are unsure how to act. «I know that if you knew a little bit more about people with Down syndrome, you would not make such a decision,» she wrote.

In her letter, the mom recalls how she struggled at first since no one could explain how to raise her son. She heard only preconceptions from everyone around her, certain that the boy would never be «normal,» and she was deeply concerned that her son would never be able to converse with classmates.

But when she witnessed how effortlessly Savier found a common language with his brother and sister, all her anxieties vanished. In her letter, she attempted to clarify that her kid is no different from other children, even if he does exhibit aberrant behavior at times:

«People with Down syndrome see things in the same way that we do. They desire to make new friends and interact. They desire to be helpful, to do something in life. They desire to attend classmates’ birthday parties.»

Jennifer requested a classmate’s parents to talk to their son: «Any parent wants his child to be friends with peers, not an outcast.» And for this, we must provide a good example for our children, instilling in them the desire to make the correct decision.» The woman believes that if the boys get to know each other better, they will be able to make friends.
Savier had rarely been invited to birthday parties in the past. And my mum began to suspect she was to blame. Because the youngster is in the most regular class and does not require any special care, his mother never asked teachers or classmates’ parents to treat her son differently. «I know that before sending their children to school, parents of children with Down syndrome frequently attend parent-teacher conferences to talk about their child.»

However, I did not. My Savier was always just a typical kid to me, and it seemed like others already knew enough about Down syndrome that I didn’t need to lecture them. But I was mistaken. Now I feel like I failed my son.» Jennifer laments not speaking with the parents of her friends sooner.

Maybe she wouldn’t have to defend her son in public then. Of course, she did not name anyone in her letter. However, acquaintances might readily figure out who this communication was intended for. Hundreds of thousands of people read and shared this letter. Jennifer later stated that the parents of a classmate instantly responded to her appeal and spoke with their kid.

As a result, Savier received a special invitation to a birthday party that instantly made him the happiest boy in the world. “He can’t stop talking about it,” Mom wrote. Savier Angele is far from being the only child who has proven that children with Down syndrome can study in a regular school without any problems.

The act of Jennifer Angela will seem to many as something unpleasant: the woman seemed to have violated an unspoken taboo by publicly pointing out the unfair treatment of her son. She was not afraid to break the silence, to talk about something unpleasant, knowing full well that this silence, like an insurmountable wall, turns thousands of people around the world into outcasts.

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