Gary Sinise begins to cry as Tom Hanks and other celebrities praise his charitable work… View the video below…

You’ve probably seen at least one film starring Gary Sinise. His career has been so extensive and diverse that he has played cops, soldiers, and even the bad guy in some titles.

Gary is best recognized for his performance in Forrest Gump, but he has had a lengthy career and has done hundreds of other noteworthy roles.

Because he has had a successful career, you may suppose Gary’s primary interest is acting, but it appears that he is more passionate about his side projects than anything else. The skilled working man works as an actor during the day, but in his spare time, he helps to improve society.

Gary Sinise is most recognized for his acting roles, but he also founded the Gary Sinise Foundation, which provides assistance to active military members, veterans, first responders, and their families.

Clearly, this is a fantastic organization that anyone can join. But Gary stands out since he is the leader and works tirelessly to assist others. He was given a present to thank him for what he had done.

He was so affected by the tribute to him that he burst into tears. The 63-year-old has also paid visits to troops stationed abroad. After playing Lieutenant Dan in the film Forrest Gump, he became more close to veterans.

Lieutenant Dan was a wounded soldier, which helped him grasp what it’s like to serve in the military. Because of these connections, he has a soft spot in his heart for this guy.

As Sinise’s new book, «Grateful American,» is out, other celebrities decided it would be a good opportunity to thank him for the work his charity does.

Among those who paid tribute were Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, and Kristin Chenoweth, among many others. They also requested some soldiers to write personal thank-you messages to Sinise.

From their new home, a family who received a house from Sinise’s charity delivered a message. It could be one of the most heartfelt messages ever.

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