Who is this boy who is allowing his mother to use his hand as a «pillow» on the train? Netizens’ hearts are melting!

There are occasions when youngsters are demonstrated to be more compassionate and humanitarian than adults without being told to. An amazing example of such an incident occurred on the Chengdu Metro Line 2 in Chengdu, China.

A youngster was seen to be courteous and kind to both his mother and a complete stranger! According to a fellow rider who watched the entire incident, the youngster was first seated close to his mother on the train. He then stood up and offered his seat to a woman with a stroller before returning to his mother’s side.

He took his mother’s pink handbag and extended his hand to her because he noticed how fatigued she was. He placed his hand on the glass pane that acted as a makeshift pillow so his mother wouldn’t have to lean on the harsh surface. He carried his mother’s luggage and extended his hand as a pillow to his mother.

A snapshot of the touching occurrence was captured and published on Weibo, a Chinese social media network, where it quickly went viral. Over 180,000 people have liked the photo, and over 18,000 have commented, praising the boy’s selflessness.

«Help me ask around about who this kid’s parents are,» one person commented. I’d like to proceed with arranging for him to marry my future daughter.»Children never cease to amaze us, and this act of kindness is just one of those instances that can restore our trust in humanity as a whole!

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