The girl had a daughter, but was unable to become a mother. She has been parenting a girl for a year while waiting for her to be taken away.

In September 2019, Emily Crislip of Idaho became a surrogate mother for a Chinese couple. The girl made the decision after the birth of her son Camden, who will turn two in 2021. After giving birth to her own kid, the mother reflected on how unfortunate others who are unable to become parents are.

The Chinese spouses who became Emily’s clients were meant to arrive in the United States for childbirth in May 2020, according to the plan, but this did not happen. The girl was born on May 18, and no one was there to pick her up, according to The Sun.

We permitted them [customers] to be present in the delivery room to witness her birth. They would have their own hospital room, while I would have mine. «My job was to be finished after she was born,» Emily explained.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, plane traffic between the United States and China ended two months before the delivery. The girl’s new parents were unable to travel to the United States and begged Emily to care for the infant so that she would not be placed in a childcare facility.

Emily and her husband Brandon agreed to watch the children for four weeks. True, they had no idea the girl would live in their home for nearly a year. Mom does her best to create «barriers» with the child, knowing that one day she will have to hand her up to her biological parents.

Emily also calls the couple in China on a regular basis so that the girl becomes accustomed to the faces and noises of her parents.

We adore her and will always look after her, but we recognize that she is not ours,» Emily explained. «We simply treat her as if she were our own, because proper attention and love are critical at this stage of life.»

She reveals a year later, with baby Emily, that she is unsure she can be a surrogate mother again. If she dared to do it again, she would very certainly only work with the same couple.

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