After a family adopts two girls, a neighbor trashes their home… The video of two brothers coming up in defense of their sisters becomes viral…

A family who had adopted two children had their home vandalized. The graffiti included hateful words addressed to the two adopted sisters, but their two younger brothers were unfazed and defended them without hesitation.

The family awoke as usual, but as they went outside, they noticed something unusual. The Hollis family was surprised because they were from a little town in Illinois. This kind of stuff doesn’t happen very often. When mother Anne Hollis learned that their house had been spray painted, she was astounded.

The hate speech scrawled on their property included the slogans «Get Outta Here» and «Retard.»

They took the attack seriously. They also believe it happened as a result of the adoption. They recently adopted two girls with Down syndrome. This day, according to Anne, had a lasting impact on her life. Her sons, aged 6 and 7, created a film to defend and advocate for their sisters.

They addressed the audience and begged everyone to stop using the word «retard» with the help of their parents. The Everyone Matters campaign asked permission to share their film after learning about it. The Hollis family could not have been happier to have allowed this to happen.

The story rapidly went viral, and the original YouTube video had over 1 million views.

In the video, the youngsters are seen carrying index cards. The cards have «For Meg and Alina» written next to their sisters’ names. The index cards are used to promote their point throughout the rest of the video.

The first card raised has the word «Realizing» underlined with the first letter of the verb. This is being done to make a statement against the term «retard» and to inform others that it should not be used to characterize people with Down syndrome.

They go on to explain their sisters’ skills and capacities, as well as how the term «retard» does not apply to them. Following that, they provided viewers with a small insight into their lives by going into great detail and outlining the peculiarities of their sisters. The boys went out of their way to dispel widespread misconceptions regarding people with Down syndrome.

After the boys finish with the cards, an image of their entire family appears in the film. The brothers have now asked if you would be willing to help their sisters.

They urge the audience to support them by speaking kindly and not negatively. They aim to spread respect, love, and hope. As you’ll see at the conclusion of the film, they make it abundantly obvious that their sisters are not “retards.”

Can you think someone would do such a thing to their house? The fact that this family had to experience this is incredibly terrible, but at least they are learning from it.

Watch the video below:

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