«To me, she’s perfect.» On vacation, the paparazzi photographed Brosnan’s 220 pound wife wearing a bodysuit.

Hollywood hottie Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keeley met in Mexico in 1994. «Spectacular shade,» as he became the actor’s second wife, took on the responsibility of raising the artist’s children from a previous marriage.

«Our marriage,» Pierce stated, «can be called ideal without exaggeration,» but he needs to continually defend his wife. «What people don’t realize,» Pierce observed, «is that Keeley’s appearance has undergone tangible changes.»

Fans of the Hollywood actor were surprised when his wife began to acquire weight quickly. «Keeley now weighs 220 pounds,» he explained, «but her beauty does not diminish in my eyes.» Keeley was photographed in a bodysuit while on vacation the other day by paparazzi.

«She used to be a beauty,» people said. «What has time done to her?» «Can’t she lose weight for her husband?» He’ll leave her,» «And her husband will leave her soon.» She needed to fit in with her famous lover,» and «She needs to go to the gym right away.»

“She was slim and toned,” Pierce read under Keeley’s photos. “The years have not been good for her,” he sighed, “but she remains the love of my life.”

The woman’s husband stood up for her in the comments, stating, “I consider my wife a blanket and love her as she is.” Pierce concluded, “I think Keeley got the perfect spouse.”

“You can only envy the pretty girl,” he remarked.

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