The little girl is waiting for her favorite part of «Uptown Funk» to begin dancing… Check out her contagious energy and moves down below…

«Uptown Funk» is regaining popularity.

Yes, you did hear it first here. The summer’s most popular song may not be as popular as it once was, but everyone, no matter their age, agrees that Bruno Mars’ Motown homage is nothing short of a jam. Regardless of whether your point of view varies from ours, we have discovered a video to back it up.

The first few notes of Uptown Funk were playing on the radio as Ethan Turn and his niece were driving. She watched closely as the song built and then ultimately dropped its pace.

When it happens, she reacts in a way that is simply priceless.

When your favorite music plays on the radio, we know you’ve danced exactly like this before. This young child will go far in the world of vehicle dancing.

Watch the adorable video here:

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