This young man sings beautifully for his younger brother who has Down syndrome, and his video has gone viral. Look at this!

Nicole Powell was concerned that her older children would be «embarrassed» by her Down syndrome kid, Tripp. But, as a precious moment she recorded on film demonstrates, she had nothing to worry about.

Rayce, her second child, is shown in the video (added at the end) sitting on the bed with six-week-old Tripp in his arms.

The song «10,000 Hours» by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber can be heard in the scene, as Rayce begins to sing for his younger brother.

«If it takes 10,000 hours and 10,000 more to learn that wonderful heart of yours, I will spend 10,000 hours and 10,000 more, yeah, if that’s what it takes,» he sang. And I’m not sure whether I’ll ever get there, but I’ll try. I’m going to adore you for the next 10,000 hours, or for the rest of my life.»

Nicole posted the charming video on Facebook in December 2019, and it has now gained 3.8 million views.

Rayce bonds with Tripp by always singing to him, as the mother of five mentioned in the caption. The child informs her that the song is about him and his brother, unaware that it is about a husband and wife.

«Love has no chromosomes,» Rayce points out, «and aren’t we all different?» Nicole, a police officer in Cabot, Arkansas, stated in the caption.

Nicole recorded a video on her phone and texted it to her husband, JJ. Rayce chose to share the video on social media because her bond with Tripp was too crucial to keep private.

Nicole called the reaction to her video «wonderful.» «I was puzzled as to why we now have a baby with Down syndrome.» Perhaps it was to raise awareness and share love.»

«Everyone is scared of what could happen.» «However, he is perfect,» she said. «It’s terrifying, but parenthood is scary in general.» «I’m incredibly proud of my guys.»

Tripp was in the NICU for a month after his birth on November 21, 2019, and his entire family visited him every day. On Christmas Eve, he was finally allowed to come home.

Nicole and JJ learned during scans that Tripp would almost certainly be born with Down syndrome. Doctors recommended them to end the pregnancy, but they refused.

Nicole stated that they were first apprehensive about the situation because she was unfamiliar with Down syndrome and had never met anybody who had it.

She was likewise concerned about her other children’s treatment of their younger siblings.

«I thought to myself, ‘I have four other children who all love each other; all I want is for them to love him as much as they love each other,'» she said.

As a result, the parents notified their children as quickly as possible about the situation. Even though they didn’t know much, they informed them what they had learned.

«We explained to them that it means he will be different, but still your brother.» The boys said, «But we’re all different.» «And we were like, ‘OK, this will be good,'» Nicole said.

Aside from Rayce’s natural kindness, Nicole and JJ’s attempts to educate their children about Down syndrome have been critical in the children’s acceptance of their younger brother. They did a wonderful job as parents by teaching their children to treat everyone with kindness, especially those who are different from them.

Tripp is now two years old and still has the same special relationship with Rayce and his siblings. You may follow TeamTripp on Facebook to stay updated on his newest life happenings.

You can watch how Rayce and Tripp share a beautiful moment in the video below!

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