The caring father dresses up in an uncomfortable attire and dances comically to «Single Ladies»…

Everyone thinks that the bond between fathers and daughters is one of the most valuable things in life. Many new parents with daughters understand the extra care required to nurture, protect, and raise their daughters. They must be mindful of their young daughters’ needs, some of which they may be unaware of. As the most important men in their daughters’ lives, many fathers are able and willing to go to any length to make their daughters’ lives as perfect and happy as possible. But how many of them are willing to learn the choreography to Beyonce’s «Single Ladies,» dress scantily in a skin-tight leotard, dance in public, and consent to it being videotaped and posted online?

That question can only be answered by one father, and his name is Steve Haddad. Steve, a Monroe, Michigan native, put aside whatever reservations he might have had, as well as perhaps a smidgeon of dignity, to master the challenging choreography with his two children, who were eager to put on the show of a lifetime. or, at the very least, around Christmas. As a result, Steve took action in December 2017 that many fathers would not. He put on his dancing catsuit and joined his talented daughters on the living room floor for a performance.

The bunch, particularly Steve, put on their finest game faces and proceeded to put on a performance for their unpaid visitors that they would never forget.

Steve and his wife Tina have always gone above and beyond for their children. It seemed only natural that Steve would agree to such a generous gesture. Simply put, Steve is one of those fathers who will go to great lengths to make his daughters happy.

Steve and his girls practiced the performance for weeks before executing it. Tina got the shock of her life on the day of the performance when she caught a peek of her husband donning a leotard. She had no idea he was going to give it his all because he hadn’t practiced in one.

And the results were spectacular in every aspect.

In a performance video Tina released on Facebook, Steve can be seen performing brilliantly in his leotard. Despite the audience’s laughter, Steve seemed determined to the dance and never gave up trying to keep up with his fellow dancers. Despite the audience’s initial amazement and amusement, Steve was clearly committed and, despite occasionally missing a beat, never fully faltered over the nearly three-minute-long dance. It was evident by the end of the dance how far Steve would go to satisfy his girls.

View the video here:

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