A boy sings a special song to his brother who has Down syndrome, and the video melts hearts. Rayce performs «Tripp’s Song» in the video below.

Doctors were unsure whether Nicole Powell and JJ Grieves’ fifth kid would ever be able to live a «normal» life when they were prepared to welcome their fifth child.

Boy Sings Special Song To Brother With Down Syndrome And The Video Is Melting  Hearts. – InspireMore

Tripp was diagnosed with Down syndrome and other health issues, but his parents knew they wanted to keep him. Tripp has brought nothing but love and joy into their life from the day he was born!

The Cabot, Arkansas, family has since become a spokeswoman for people with Down syndrome. They seek to shatter preconceptions and show how capable and kind people with Down syndrome can be. That’s why Nicole created the «Team Tripp» Facebook page, where she shares images, videos, and her thoughts on raising a Down syndrome child!

Boy Sings '10,000 Hours' To Baby Brother With Down Syndrome In Adorable  Video | FaithPot

Rayce, their oldest son, has always supported Tripp, even before he was born. Nicole reported that when they told Rayce that his newborn brother might have Down syndrome, he «never skipped a beat.» When they said Tripp would be different, Rayce just asked, «But aren’t we all different?»

«This is how Rayce and Tripp bond.» He always sings to him. Nicole stated, «He swears this song is about him and his brother.» «A year later, and the feelings have only grown stronger for these two!»

Boy Sings Special Song To Brother With Down Syndrome And The Video Is Melting  Hearts. – InspireMore

Rayce’s video of him tenderly touching his brother’s face while singing «Tripp’s Song» went viral! Nicole took advantage of the chance to reach out to other parents who are concerned about having a kid with Down syndrome.

What a wonderful big brother! Their sibling love will make you cry, and we can’t get enough of Nicole’s message to other parents! Watch Rayce perform «Tripp’s Song» in the video below, and please share this story to bring joy.

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