The mother refused to have her unconscious kid removed and continued to pray till she heard the word mom.

Bobby Asa, then 16, was having an ordinary day. He was leaving his friend’s house and parked his automobile in the driveway. He was startled when he felt a jolt. What followed was a nightmare for his family.

Bobby was known by everyone as an active and entertaining youngster who constantly made others smile.
He had no notion that a car accident would ruin his life while he was having fun. Little did the adolescent know that he would go into a coma and not be able to open his eyes for days.

He was on his way back to his father when something unexpected happened. On June 27, 2017, just after midnight, the unthinkable occurred.

After a vehicle slammed the young man’s car as it pulled into the driveway, the Asa family’s worst nightmare came true.

After realizing what had occurred to her younger brother, his sister, Lexie Asa, phoned 911.

When first responders arrived to the scene, they discovered Bobby unconscious in the back seat of his car. He was immediately taken to the nearest hospital.

Lexie, on the other hand, instantly notified her mother, Heather, of the occurrence. The mom lived an hour away from the children’s father and hurried to the hospital as soon as her daughter called.

«I didn’t know what else to do but pray,» Heather admitted. As she traveled to the hospital, she couldn’t stop thinking about her children. Her memories of her children flashed before her eyes.

Later that night, the family returned their son to the hospital.

Paramedic Lt. Chris Baird, who had seen the boy shortly after the accident, said:

“Over the years, seeing patients so seriously injured, I couldn’t see how there could be a positive outcome. »

Doctors did everything they could to treat Bobby’s injuries, and his family hoped for him to wake up. Specialists even projected that if the boy lived, he would be disabled.

After physicians observed Bobby in intensive care for more than a week while he was on a ventilator, they gave the family a few alternatives.

Some doctors recommended surgery, while others advised the family to remove her from life support.

Specialists assumed the teenager would not live since he was unresponsive, but Heather believed otherwise.

«I felt like Bobby was going to get better,» stated the mother.

Heather refused to have her son removed from life support, instead instructing physicians to undergo the tracheostomy. She hoped that her kid would not spend the rest of his life in bed and began to pray for him to wake up.

When he heard his sister’s voice, he would shake his head, or he would move an arm or an elbow. These modest movements gave his family a lot of optimism.

Bobby was sent to rehab once his condition improved four weeks after the incident. He began to respond but didn’t say anything until one day he exclaimed, «Mom!»

Heather admitted that seeing her son talk caused her to cry excessively. Bobby was in rehab for another six weeks.

He learnt basic abilities including walking, eating, and using his limbs there. In October 2017, doctors cleared him to come home.

«I watch Bobby every day, and it’s a miracle that he walks and talks,» said the mother. The family’s confidence in God was increased after seeing the young man’s resurrection.

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