After 20 years of wandering the streets, a young couple helped a homeless guy reunite with…

Randy Emmans-Baylin and John Suazo, a young couple from Los Angeles, have been interested in philanthropic activities. Since 2014, they have been assisting folks in challenging situations.

They gather cash for modest humanitarian packages, which they subsequently distribute to the homeless as part of a social project.

Randy, John, and other volunteers purchase groceries, clothing, and housekeeping necessities in backpacks. They have assisted hundreds of people in this way.

Today’s story, however, will be a little different. The couple and a homeless man named Pedro are shown in the photo below.

Pedro took this photo on the day he finally saw his family after 20 years away.

For 20 years, he had no idea if his loved ones were still alive, if they wanted to visit him, or if they remembered him. Their meeting, however, erased any doubts. The family looked for Pedro and prayed for his return.

The causes of Pedro and his family’s feud are not stated. However, a man’s life has not been easy for all these years.

He gave up when he realized he didn’t have any papers or money. Pedro has been living on the streets for some years.

Randy happened to see him one day. The girl handed him a rucksack full of food and they began conversing.

It turned out that Pedro was not always homeless, that once he had a family, a job, he studied.

In general, Pedro impressed Randy as a kind and sensitive person. He said he only remembers his grandmother’s address and name. Thus, the search for Pedro’s relatives began.

Randy and John spent a lot of time tracking down the man’s loved ones.

As a result, they were able to locate her uncle, who lived in Charleston (4,200 kilometers from Los Angeles).

When he learned that Pedro was alive and well and wanted to meet, the uncle fell into tears, and he was already hugging his nephew a few days later.

This is how Pedro’s meeting with his family went down. According to Randy, it was quite emotional, and it was difficult to hold back the emotions.

Randy and John brought Pedro and his family to a cafe to commemorate their reunion.

Pedro was taken to Charleston the next day. Pedro intends to return to his normal life.

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